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Download Kiss of War Mod Apk V1.75 2022 Strategy Game Latest Version Android Unlimited Money, new units, spells, and heroes to the game
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Kiss of War Mod Apk V1.75.0 Download is the most current Apk developed by tap4fun. This is a strategic game where players must build their own kingdom and defend it from threats. The game introduces new units as well as spells, heroes, and other units for the player, along with additional map features and bugs fixes.

What is Kiss of War Mod Apk?

It is a free-to-play, real-time strategy game, first released in the year 2009. The game takes place during medieval times and players have to assume the charge of one or more of the six factions to take control over the continent. The game has one-player campaigns and online multiplayer. The game keeps updating new maps, factions, and weapons.

Kiss of War Mod Apk

Kiss of War Mod Apk is a very popular and new Android game increasing in popularity each day. It’s a real-time strategy game where two armies are pitted against one another in a war to the finish. It allows for download free of charge and playing however, there are in-app purchases that can be purchased to boost the player’s advantage. It allows players to personalize their army, alter the graphics and music as well as include new game modes and maps.

Gameplay Kiss of War 

Choosing Commander

When you first start playing you’ll be asked to pick the faction you want to join. Three factions are available that play the game that are humans, the orcs, and the Elves. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Humans are the strongest faction however they are the most vulnerable defensively. Orcs are powerful offensively however, they are extremely weak defensively. The elves are weakest offensively, however, they are also the strongest defensively.

Choose your battlefield 

To give your troops a specific place in the battleground, you’ll be required to select the “Select One Unit and Give It A Specific Area on The Battlefield?” option in-game. After you have chosen your unit, you’ll be required to put it in the appropriate location within the battlefield.

Kiss of War Mod Apk

Kiss of War is a strategic war game with original game mechanics to keep players engaged for hours. In this game, you are in charge of teams from either the alien or human race, and you must combat your way through the lines of enemies to gain victory. With a range of weapons and units available, You must utilize your abilities to defeat and survive your adversaries. Then, you can use your commander’s unique abilities to help your troops fight the adversaries.

Choose your strategy

In games of strategy, one of the most crucial guidelines is to “know when to strike and when to withdraw.” It is particularly vital in games where players have control over their units since a mistake in how to retreat or attack could result in your troops being captured or killed.

In all games of strategy, there are a couple of key moments at which you should begin attacking your adversaries when they are weak or vulnerable, they are low on morale, or when they’re spending their energy fighting your unit. But, it’s crucial to be aware of your enemy’s abilities and weaknesses. Sometimes, it’s best for you to hold off until your adversary is less able before attacking so that you can increase your odds of winning.

Features of Kiss of War Mod Apk

Graphics looks

There are specific features exclusive in the Mod like the capability to alter the appearance of your units. This allows you to alter their appearance. troops to make them look like real-life counterparts. This is useful when you’re trying to recreate the exact battle or period or desire to make your units appear more distinct.

This comes with a variety of customizable options like the ability to alter the colors of your units, and the ability to include customized images for your unit.

Multiplayer Combat

This is a real-time multiplayer combat game in which players compete on a field. Players can pick from a range of weapons and armors to create their own distinctive persona and fight others in an intense battles.

Troop Control System

Kiss of War mod apk is a game in which players can take control of units and compete against other players in many different ways. One of the things players are able to alter is the colors of their units and the possibility to customize the graphics of their units. This gives players an experience that is more personal while playing the game and allows players to have more individualization when playing with other players.

It is a new system for troop control that allows players to manage their units with greater accuracy and comfort. The system lets players give orders to troops with just a few clicks and also provides an entire map that allows you to know the location of your troops at all times.

Multiple Countries 

The game is played out, you have several countries you can choose from. Some of these countries come with various armies and weapons that will aid you during your fights.

Kiss of War Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

Kiss of War is an extremely popular mobile game that has been downloaded more than fifty million times. It is a real-time strategy game that incorporates features from tower defense. Players control units on the field and try to eliminate the opposing unit by attacking the base.

Players earn money through accomplishing quests, defeating enemies, or selling items. The cash is used to buy new units or upgrade existing units and purchase buildings that grant players bonus points. The player may also spend the money on game-related items like gold, unique capabilities, and much more.

It is a well-known war game that lets players command their units as they battle other players. In this game, players earn money through quests or winning battles. The money earned could be utilized to buy new equipment or to improve existing units. With Kiss of War mod apk, you can get unlimited cash and gems free of charge.

How do I Install Kiss of War MOD APK

1. It is the first thing to download and install Kiss of War Mod Apk.

2. After it is installed, you’ll have to launch it.

3. Be sure to erase the original game.

4. In the next step, you’ll need to enable the permissions in the Android

5. Start the game and play and enjoy!

Kiss of War Mod Apk


What we can conclude from the Kiss of War Mod Apk is that it’s an excellent game for those who are looking to get an advantage against their rivals. It’s simple to use and comes with numerous possibilities for customizing. Overall, it’s an awesome mod that can aid players in improving their game.

This Kiss of War Mod Apk can help to boost the gameplay. This is a great way to have an advantage over your rivals. It is a fantastic tool to enhance your game. It’s a fantastic strategy game. It is packed with options that make it fascinating and enjoyable to play.


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